Ruolo dell'emotività nella Eyelid Myoclonia with Absences

Translated title of the contribution: Role of emotivity in Eyelid Myoclonia with Absences

A. Garifoli, I. Pappalardo, L. Nastasi, V. Lingenti, G. Vitale, M. Zappia, V. Sofia

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Eyelid myoclonia with absences (EMA) is a well known generalized epilepsy syndrome characterized by eyelid myoclonia associated with absences and photosensitivity. We report clinical and video-EEG findings in three females patients, whose average age was 44 with onset of absence and CTCG seizures before juvenile age. The characteristic seizures were mainly manifested by eyelid myoclonia, either alone if brief, or with associated mild impairment of consciousness if longer. Typical critical EEG showed runs of rapid polispikes and subsequent spike and slow discharges at 3-6 Hz with occipital predominance. Ictal clinical and EEG manifestations occur mainly after eyes closure and precipitated by emotional distress with seizure triggers represented principally by high anxiety levels or burst of tears. Precipitation of seizures and critical discharges by emotivity has rarely been reported in EMA. Knowing which factors might precipitate seizures could help gain a better understanding of pathophysiology of this syndrome.

Translated title of the contributionRole of emotivity in Eyelid Myoclonia with Absences
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)96-99
Number of pages4
JournalBollettino - Lega Italiana contro l'Epilessia
Issue number142
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2011

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