Role of lamivudine in the posttransplant prophylaxis of chronic hepatitis B virus and hepatitis delta virus coinfection

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BACKGROUND. Posttransplant combined lamivudine (LAM) and immunoglobulin (HBIg) prophylaxis is the gold standard in the case of single hepatitis B virus (HBV), but is still not recommended in the case of patients coinfected with hepatitis delta virus (HDV). METHODS. We compared two consecutive groups of chronic HDV carriers who survived >6 months after liver transplantation of the risk of recurrence, survival and HBIg requirements: 21 received passive prophylaxis (HBIg group) and 25 were treated with combined prophylaxis (LAM+HBIg group). The immunoprophylaxis schedule was the same in both groups: intramuscular HBIg targeted to maintain anti-HBs levels of >500 IU/L during the first 6 posttransplant months and >200 IU/L thereafter. RESULTS. The mean length of follow-up in the two groups was significantly different (133 vs. 40 months; P

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  • Hepatitis B virus
  • Hepatitis delta virus
  • Lamivudine
  • Liver transplantation
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