Sarcoma of the breast: Outcome and reconstructive options

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Introduction: Surgery is the mainstay of treatment for all breast sarcomas. The role of adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation therapy has not been clearly defined. The aim of this single-center retrospective study was to analyze prognostic factors, outcome, and recent advances. Materials and Methods: Data from 203 patients with all breast sarcomas treated in a single center were collected from 1996 to 2010. Phyllodes tumors and metastatic disease at presentation were excluded from the population. Thirty-six women and 1 man were included in the analysis. Local recurrence, metastatic disease, survival, and reconstructive outcome were evaluated. Results: Thirty-four patients out of 37 (91.9%) had an angiosarcoma and 3 had a stromal sarcoma (8.1%). Twenty-one patients (56.8%) had previously undergone breast radiation therapy for breast carcinoma or lymphoma. Twenty-six patients (70.3%) underwent mastectomy, 14 of whom (53.8%) with breast reconstruction. Thirty-six patients (97.3%) had free margins, 1 (2.7%) had a microscopically focally involved margin after surgery. Five patients received adjuvant chemotherapy and 6 received adjuvant radiation therapy. Median follow-up was 58 months (range, 4-146 months). Twelve sarcoma-related deaths were observed with a 5-year cumulative incidence of 43.4%. Twenty-four sarcoma-related events were observed with a 5-year cumulative incidence of 70.8%. The same figure was 49.7% in patients affected by primary sarcoma and 85.7% in patients with secondary sarcoma (P =.06). Conclusion: Secondary sarcomas were associated with a higher risk of events. Patients undergoing breast conservative surgery or reconstruction after mastectomy did not show a worse prognosis compared with patients undergoing mastectomy.

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