Ricercare la celiachia: Report di una esperienza clinica

Translated title of the contribution: Searching for celiac disease: Report of a clinical experience

Giacomo Toffol, Giustina Bonato, Daniela Dalla Pozza, Stefano Martelossi, Valentina Baldas

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Background: Celiac disease is still underestimated in many Italian regions, including Veneto. Previous studies have shown that this is due to the presence of many atypical forms, often underestimated by doctors. Objectives: To estimate the prevalence of celiac disease in a group of selected patients on the basis of minor signs and symptoms, to train paediatricians in the diagnostic process. Methods: The study lasted a year (2003). 21 paediatricians participated from the province of Treviso. All children who fulfilled at lest one inclusion criteria from a specially designed chart, and visited by a paediatricians during the year were enrolled. Anti-transglutaminase IgA and IgG antibodies were determined. The detected patients were sent to a third level centre (Burlo Garofolo Hospital in Trieste) for intestinal biopsy. Results: 21 paediatricians were involved with 20,989 children. At the beginning of this study the celiac patients were totally 19 with a prevalence of 1:1104. 18,919 children, about 90% were seen by their paediatrician. 389 children were detected having at least one inclusion criteria; 18 were positive for antibodies anti-transglutaminase and sent to biopsy. Diagnosis was confirmed in 16 of them. The prevalence of celiac disease changed from the initial value of 1:1104 to the final value of 1:600. Conclusions: The study led to a significant increase in the prevalence of celiac patients. Furthermore, the participation in the study was by itself a very good training.

Translated title of the contributionSearching for celiac disease: Report of a clinical experience
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationQuaderni ACP
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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