Sex modulation of the occurrence of jak2 v617f mutation in patients with splanchnic venous thrombosis

Donatella Colaizzo, Giovanni Luca Tiscia, Valeria Bafunno, Lucio Amitrano, Patrizia Vergura, Maria Rosaria Lupone, Elvira Grandone, Maria Anna Guardascione, Maurizio Margaglione

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Background: The JAK2 V617F mutation is an independent risk factor for MPN and SVT. Gender-related differences in MPN distribution have been reported and, recently, variability in the JAK2 V617F allele burden between sexes has been suggested. We wondered whether gender would modulate the role of the JAK2 V617F mutation as susceptibility risk factor for SVT. Materials and methods: In 180 patients presenting with SVT, medical history was collected. The presence of the JAK2 V617F mutation and 46/1 haplotype was determined by polymerase chain reaction followed by TaqMan SNP genotyping assays. Results: Among patients with SVT, 43 (23.9%; 95%-CI: 18.2-30.7) carried the JAK2 V617F mutation. The JAK2 V617F mutation was found more frequently in women (29/95: 30.5%; 95%-CI: 22.1-40.4) than in men (14/85: 16.5%; 95%-CI: 10.0-25.9; OR: 2.2; 95%-CI: 1.1-4.5). The distribution of 46/1 haplotype frequencies did not differ significantly between men and women. In women carrying the rs12343867 CC genotype, the frequency observed for the occurrence of the V617F mutation was significantly higher than that observed in those not carrying (60.0% [95% CI: 31.2-83.3] vs. 26.8% [95% CI: 18.4-37.4]; OR: 4.1; 95%-CI: 1.1-14.9). In men, a similar prevalence was found among carriers of the rs12343867 CC genotype (16.7% [95% CI: 3.5-46.0]) and in non carriers (16.4% [95% CI: 9.3-27.2]). The V617F allele burden was unrelated to clinical characteristics and significantly higher in carriers of the rs12343867 CC genotype. Conclusions: Present findings suggest that, in patients presenting with SVT, the JAK2 V617F mutation is frequently found in women and, possibly by interacting with the 46/1 haplotype, may represent a gender-related susceptibility allele for SVT.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)233-236
Number of pages4
JournalThrombosis Research
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2011

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