Similar occurrence of febrile episodes reported in non-atopic children at three to five years of age after prebiotics supplemented infant formula

Margriet Van Stuijvenberg, José Stam, Christoph Grüber, Fabio Mosca, Sertac Arslanoglu, Gaetano Chirico, Christian P. Braegger, Josef Riedler, Günther Boehm, Pieter J J Sauer, Caroline Van Der Schaaf, Ulrich Wahn, Juliane Wauer, Kirn Parasher, Madeleine Wust, Ingrid Lawnitzak, Marion Trentmann, Gabi Schulz, Eckard Hamelmann, Susanne Paschke-GoossensJohanna Bellach, Birgit Ahrens, Paola Roggero, Pasqua Piemontese, Maria Lorella Gianni, Laura Morlacchi, Guido Moro, Silvia Rizzardi, Elisa Rigotti, Laura Tandoi, Michela Coppola, Patrick Bühr, Michael Friedt, Rebecca Koller, Daniela Rogler, Vanessa Rueger, Margret Macheiner, Christine Tyma, Gasparoni Antonella, Garzoli Elena, Offer Chiara, Spinoni Vania, Iacono Graziella, Stellini Maria, Jan Van Der Mooren, Yalcin Yavuz, Johan Garssen, Leon Knippels, Jan Knol, Kaouther Ben Amor, Jürgen Jelinek, Bernd Stahl, Esther König, Anja Frings, Anja Wittke, Yvonne Zens, Stephanie Cremers, Kathrin Friedrichs, Janine Gerloff, Gemma Bruno, Ayako Fischer

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This is a follow up study of a multicenter randomised placebo-controlled trial in seven centres in five West European countries. The RCT assessed the effect of infant formula supplemented with a mixture of prebiotics (with neutral short-chain and long-chain oligosaccharides and pectin-derived acidic oligosaccharides) during infancy in term-born children (n=1130). In the follow-up study 672 children (60% of the study population) participated: 232 (56%) from the prebiotics group (PG), 243 (58%) from the control group (CG), and 197 (66%) from the non-randomised breast-fed group (BG). The primary outcome was the occurrence of febrile episodes at three to five years of age prospectively documented by the parents: in the PG 1.17 (interquartile range 0.50-2.08) episodes per year versus 1.20 (0.52-2.57) in the CG; and 1.48 (0.65-2.60) in the BG. This specific prebiotics mixture given during infancy in healthy non-atopic subjects does not decrease febrile episodes and therefore seems not to prevent infection between their third and fifth birthday.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere0129927
JournalPLoS One
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 15 2015

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