Simultaneous kidney and pancreas transplantation at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute: clinical experience and results.

A. Secchi, R. Caldara, E. La Rocca, S. Martinenghi, M. Bernardi, D. Bonfatti, L. Caspani, R. Castoldi, G. Ferrari, G. Gallioli

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Pancreas and kidney transplantation is performed in uremic IDDM patients to cure end-stage renal failure and diabetes. Seventy-two simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplantations were performed at our Institution between July 1985 and November 1994. All transplants were performed using heart-beating cadaver donors. The first 25 patients received 26 segmental pancreas according to Dubernard (KPS), whereas the last 46 patients received a whole, bladder-drained pancrea according to Sollinger (KPW). Mean pancreas cold and warm ischemia times were 294 +/- 14 and 44 +/- 2 minutes, respectively, in the KPS group and 660 +/- 37 and 40 +/- 8 minutes, respectively, in the KPW group. Twelve (48%) KPS patients and 19 (41%) KPW patients had postoperative pancreas surgical complications: vascular thrombosis led to graft failure in 5 KPS patients (20%) and 2 KPW patients (4%) (p = 0.01). Pancreatic fistula, hemorrhagic complications, and duodenum-bladder leakage were the surgical complications observed more frequently. Six KPS patients (24%) and 8 KPW patients (17%) underwent reintervention as a consequence of surgical complications. Fifteen KPS patients (60%) and 30 KPW patients (65%) experienced an acute kidney rejection episode, which was steroid-resistant in 14 KPW and 2 KPS patients. The actuarial survival rates for simultaneous kidney-pancreas recipients at one and 4 years were 92% and 84%, respectively, for KPS recipients, and 95% and 88%, respectively, for KPW patients. Kidney actuarial survival rates at one and 4 years were 96% and 76% respectively, for group KPS, and 93% and 89%, respectively, for KPW patients.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)255-263
Number of pages9
JournalClinical transplants
Publication statusPublished - 1994

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