Small field characterization of a Nanochamber prototype under flattening filter free photon beams

G. Reggiori, A. Stravato, P. Mancosu, F. Lobefalo, L. Paganini, F. Zucconi, V. Palumbo, A. Gaudino, M. Scorsetti, S. Tomatis

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Introduction: Nanochambers present some advantages in terms of energy independence and absolute dose measurement for small field dosimetry in the SBRT scenario. Characterization of a micro-chamber prototype was carried out both under flattened and flattening-filter-free (FFF) beams with particular focus on stem effect. Methods: The study included characterization of leakage and stem effects, dose rate and dose per pulse dependence, measurement of profiles, and percentage depth doses (PDDs). Ion collection efficiency and polarity effects were measured and evaluated against field size and dose per pulse. The 6_MV, 6_MV_FFF and 10_MV FFF beams of a Varian EDGE were used. Output factors were measured for field sizes ranging from 0.8×0.8cm2 to 20×20cm2 and were compared with other detectors. Results: The 2mm diameter of this chamber guarantees a high spatial resolution with low penumbra values. In orthogonal configuration a strong stem (and cable) effect was observed for small fields. Dose rate and dose per pulse dependence were <0.3% and 0.6% respectively for the whole range of considered values. The Nanochamber exhibits a field size (FS) dependence of the polarity correction >2%. The OF values were compared with other small field detectors showing a good agreement for field sizes >2×2cm2. The large field over-response was corrected applying kpol(FS). Conclusions: Nanochamber is an interesting option for small field measurements. The spherical shape of the active volume is an advantage in terms of reduced angular dependence. An interesting feature of the Nanochamber is its beam quality independence and, as a future development, the possibility to use it for small field absolute dosimetry.

Original languageEnglish
JournalPhysica Medica
Publication statusAccepted/In press - Jan 1 2017

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