Social adjustment in children with Down mental retardation (MRD) and Fragile-X mental retardation (MRX)

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Background. Since adjustment abilities became important in mental retardation (MR) diagnosis, it seemed interesting to study social adjustment in persons with MR Down (RMD) and MR Fragile-X (RMX). These two syndromes are the most common causes of MR of chromosomal origin. To evaluate the influence of temperament insofar as behavior and temperament are concerned in social adjustment, we studied temperamental dimensions (emotionality, activity, sociability and shyness) and social functioning (attention problems and withdrawal). Methods. Our study group was composed of 35 children with MR; 23 with RMD (F=14) age range 4 to 21, and 12 (F=1) with RMX age ranged from 5 to 19. Social adjustment was evaluated by two scales: EAS and CBCL. Results. The six evaluated dimensions of adjustment functioning (emotionality, activity, sociability, shyness, attention problems and withdrawal) differ in the two MRD and MRX groups. MRX scores are all higher except for sociability; shyness, attention problems and emotionality show a significant difference. Conclusions. The RMX group is that one may have more difficulty in social adjustment. This is because they are characterized by hyperactivity, withdrawal, low attention, low social function and high emotionality that are all negative symptoms for a social adjustment. In our study group MRD have higher values in the sociability area and they don't show relevant behavioral disorders and they have got more adaptive abilities. We may hypothesize that this attitude is a part of their genetic structure, and also that the best social adjustment of Down persons may be linked to a better interaction with the environment.

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  • Down Syndrome
  • Fragile X Syndrome
  • Mental retardation, diagnosis
  • Social adjustment

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