Stress and sleepiness in the 24-h society

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In the 24-h Society we are able to do everything at any hour of day and night, both at work and at social level. Time has become the main dimension of human activities, and time pressure is one of the main characteristics of our daily life, as a consequence of the just-in-time culture, where we act as producers and customers at the same time. It is necessary to reflect upon the notion and value of time, to reconsider its use and relationships with home, work, and leisure activities, and to re-evaluate what is the cost/benefit ratio in terms of physical and psychological health, family life, and social well-being. Stress and anxiety are major causes for sleepiness in modern life, characterized by constant time pressure, high competition, inappropriate lifestyles, social conflicts, socioeconomic problems in all age groups. According to the different living circumstances and personal characteristics, individuals may significantly differ in their response to stressors, while some can be more vulnerable than others in relation to age, gender, personality, behavior, life events, and health. There is an increasing evidence of reduced rest and sleep periods not only related to irregular working hours, but also to a misuse of free time.

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  • 24-h society
  • Burnout
  • Distress
  • Effort
  • Job control
  • Job demand
  • Reward
  • Social support
  • Time pressure
  • Work strain

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