Stroke and rehabilitation: Italian Cooperative Research (ICR2)

M. Franceschini, W. Branchini, R. Brianti, E. De Camillis, L. Ferrari, R. Galvagni, G. Lenti, M. Manca, F. Mayer, F. Molteni, L. Perdon, D. Procicchiani, E. Todeschini, M. Zaccala, M. Agosti, G. Casella, M. G. Celani, A. Citterio, M. Masucci, L. SpizzichinoM. Vallasciani, E. Recupero, F. Finocchiaro, A. Santagati, S. Greco, P. Longo, C. Comessatti, B. Taroni, E. Cosentino, T. Biondi, C. Mugelli, R. Maria Rossi, A. Serra, M. Bertoni, C. Meinecke, S. Fabbrini, D. Confalonieri, R. Ceruti, C. Fortina, B. Zaccaria, S. Meneghetti, K. Robuschi, V. Michelotti, A. Cavaldonati, G. Sandrini, A. Arrigo, R. Antenucci, P. Gandolfi, G. Gatta, L. Boschini, M. Dardani, M. Massucci, A. R. Braconi, N. Bortoluzzi, J. Timar

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Aim. Stroke is one of the most common cause of disability in our country. The human and economic weight of stroke explains the higher demand for rehabilitation intervention. The purpose of this prospective study (Italian Cooperative Research: ICR2) is to describe the demographic and clinical factors of the trend in motor recovery, disability and quality of life for a sample of 1 023 1st stroke patients involved in a rehabilitative program. Methods. Motor and neuropsychological impairment scales (Motricity Index: MI, Trunk Control Test: TCT, Upright Motor Control Test: UMCT, Mini Mental State Examination: MMSE), disability and handicap scales (Barthel Index: BI, Functional Independence Measure: FIM, Oxford Handicap Scale-Rankin scale) and quality of life scale (EuroQol) were used. Results. The mean age of the population was 69.5 years, SD 12.1; 51.4% was male and 75% had an ischemic lesion. Right hemisphere was affected in 49.7%. Length of stay (LOS) was 52.9 days, following a waiting time of 26 days to enter rehabilitative hospitalization. MI improvement was important (p

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)7-17
Number of pages11
JournalEuropa Medicophysica
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2003


  • Cerebrovascular accident
  • Rehabilitation
  • Treatment outcome

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