Study of calcium metabolism in idiopathic hypercalciuria by strontium oral load test

Giuseppe Vezzoli, Andrea Caumo, Ivano Baragetti, Simona Zerbi, Piera Bellinzoni, Antonella Centemero, Alessandro Rubinacci, GianLuigi Moro, Donatella Adamo, Giuseppe Bianchi, Laura Soldati

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Calcium excretion and absorption were evaluated in hypercalciuric calcium stone formers by the study of Sr2+ excretion and absorption after an oral load. Ca2+ stone formers (n = 140) were studied, and the results were compared in the 83 of them who had idiopathic hypercalciuria and in the 57 who had Ca2+ excretion within reference values. Hypecalciuric patients showed increased renal Sr2+ clearance (CR(E); 5.26 ± 0.358 vs 3.29 ± 0.277 mL/min; P 2+ absorption [assessed as the area under the serum concentration-time curve (AUC)] was increased at 30 and 60 min (1.53 ± 0.087 vs 1.21 ± 0.071 mmol · L-1 · min; P 2+ fractional excretion (P 2+ load tests suggest that in the hypercalciuric population, Ca2+ absorption is altered predominantly in the doudenum and that the normal regulaion exerted by calciotropic hormones on tubular and enteral Ca2+ handling is lost.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)257-261
Number of pages5
JournalClinical Chemistry
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1999

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