Sublingual immunotherapy for allergic rhinitis: An update

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PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The inter-relationship between allergy and nasal diseases has long been known. Failure to address when allergy is a contributing factor diminishes the possibility of a successful surgical intervention. Sublingual immunotherapy is recommended by the World Health Organization to treat allergic rhinitis and is widely used in Europe. Many clinical trials and rigorous meta-analysis support its efficacy. The criteria, however, for the integration of this treatment (with the surgical management of those allergic patients who suffer chronic nasal obstruction, severe drug-resistant hypertrophy and increase in glandular structures of the inferior turbinates) are not fully established. We review here the most recent literature on the efficacy and safety of sublingual immunotherapy. The purpose is to stimulate the use of complementary approaches by ear, nose and throat doctors and allergologists, and to improve the management of patients with persistent allergic rhinitis. RECENT FINDINGS: In addition to the results of clinical trials, postmarketing surveillance has confirmed the high safety profile of sublingual immunotherapy in adults and children, its positive impact on the quality of life, and the reduction of the personal and social cost of allergy. Sublingual immunotherapy can prevent new allergic sensitizations and maintain its beneficial effect for years after its discontinuation. SUMMARY: Sublingual immunotherapy is a highly efficacious and well tolerated form of immunotherapy for allergic rhinitis, and it is capable of interfering with disease progression. Sublingual immunotherapy should be integrated with surgical intervention to achieve optimal outcomes in allergic subjects with chronic nasal obstruction.

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JournalCurrent Opinion in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
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Publication statusPublished - Jun 2006


  • Allergic rhinitis
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  • Sublingual immunotherapy

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