SV40-transformed cells with temperature-dependent serum requirements

Daniela Toniolo, Claudio Basilico

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We have isolated temperature-sensitive SV40-transformed 3T3 cells which are unable to grow in low or depleted serum at the nonpermissive temperature. At 39°C, these cells do not grow in 1% serum, but they grow if the serum concentration is raised to 10%. At 32° they grow in both serum concentrations. This phenotype seems to be due to a cellular mutation, as the virus rescued from these cells is wild-type. We tested whether other characteristics of transformed cells were expressed in a temperature sensitive way. While high saturation density is ts in these cells, other parameters of transformation are expressed at both temperatures. In addition, when these cells are incubated in low serum at 39°C, they keep synthesizing DNA and lose viability very fast, while under the same conditions normal 3T3 cells remain viable for long times and are unable to initiate DNA synthesis. These cells therefore do not appear to revert to a normal phenotype at the high temperature, and they are more likely to represent transformed cells variants with a temperature-dependent serum requirement.

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Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1975

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