Revisione sistematica della letteratura sull'effetto dei concentrati piastrinici nel trattamento chirurgico dei difetti parodontali

Translated title of the contribution: Systematic review on the effect of platelet concentrates for the surgical treatment of periodontal defects

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OBJECTIVES. The aim of this review was to systematically evaluate the effects of autogenous platelet concentrates (PC) as an adjunct to the surgical treatment of periodontal defects. MATERIALS AND METHODS. An electronic search was performed on MedLine, EmBase, and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials using specific search terms. A manual search of the main journals in the field of periodontology was also performed. Only randomized trials were included. The clinical attachment level was the primary outcome variable for periodontal intrabony defects. Root coverage and keratinized tissue increase was the main variable for gingival recession. For the statistical analysis all data were normalized to baseline values. The risk of bias of the included studies was also assessed. For intrabony defects, the influences of Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR), of the study type (split-mouth vs parallel studies), and of the type of PC (Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP, vs Platelet Rich Fibrin, PRF) were also evaluated. RESULTS. Of the 456 studies initially retrieved, 48 were eligible and their full text was examined. Finally, 34 studies were included: 24 studies on periodontal intrabony defects, 7 studies on gingival recession, and 3 studies on furcation defects. A significant positive effect of the adjunct of PC was found for intrabony defects. Such an effect was magnified in studies in which GTR was not used, whereas in studies that used GTR, the use of PC had no adjunctive effect. No effect of the study type, of the follow-up duration or of the type of PC was observed. All split-mouth studies (except one in which GTR was used) displayed a significant positive effect of PC. No significant effect of PC was found for gingival recession treatment. Significant benefits of PC were reported for furcation treatment but, due to heterogeneity of the studies, no meta-analysis could be done. CONCLUSIONS. The use of PC may exert a positive adjunctive effect for the treatment of intrabony defects when used in combination with graft materials, but not with GTR. No significant adjunctive benefit of PC could be demonstrated for the treatment of gingival recession and furcation defects. A standardization of study design and clinical protocols is needed in future studies in order to gain more insight into the true effect of PC in periodontal regeneration.

Translated title of the contributionSystematic review on the effect of platelet concentrates for the surgical treatment of periodontal defects
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Publication statusPublished - Sep 2013

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