Telemedicine: Utility for care and monitoring in ischemic cardiac disease

Simonetta Scalvini, E. Zanelli, M. Gritti, P. Gazzaniga, R. Pollina, A. Giordano, F. Glisenti

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Telephone linked care technology has been developed and applied as a supplement for ambulatory visits, as a means to offer a specific cardiac diagnosis during a general family doctors' visits. Methods: from February to July 1998, 178 family doctors had a mobile electrocardiogram (Card Guard 7100) which was able to transmit via any fixed or mobile telephone to a center where a cardiologist was present for the analysis of the ECG and for an interactive opinion. Results: during the first six months 2254 patients were enrolled (mean age 63±8 years), 609 pts (27%) had systemic hypertension, 283 pts (12%) had ischemic cardiac disease and 850 (37%) had no evidence of previous cardiopathy. In this paper the results of the subgroup with known coronary artery disease were analyzed. In this subgroup 157 pts (55%) were asymptomatic at the moment of ECG recording, while 126 pts (45%) referred chest pain in 54 (43%), dispnoea in 34 (27%), dizziness in 15 (12%), asthenia in 15 pts (12%) and palpitation in 10 pts (8%). No actions were taken in 179 (63%) of the pts; 22 pts (8%) were addressed to the emergency department, in 25 pts (9%) were suggested further investigations and in 57 pts (20%) a new therapy or a therapeutic changement was suggested. In conclusion, telemedicine is an useful tool to support family doctors in the diagnosis of the cardiac disease.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationComputers in Cardiology
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - 1999
EventThe 26th Annual Meeting: Computers in Cardiology 1999 - Hannover, Ger
Duration: Sep 26 1999Sep 29 1999


OtherThe 26th Annual Meeting: Computers in Cardiology 1999
CityHannover, Ger

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