The distribution of apo C-II and apo C-III in very low density lipoproteins of normal and type iv subjects

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The apoC-II/apoC-III ratio and the distribution of C apoproteins as percentage of the total protein in VLDL obtained from normolipidemic and type IV patients was studied by analytical isoelectrofocusing. While the percentage concentration of apoC-III was unchanged that of apoC-II was 9.2% of total protein in normal VLDL and only 7.4% in type IV VLDL (P <0.05). The apoC-II/apoC-III ratio significantly decreased in type IV patients. The analysis of VLDL subfractions obtained by density gradient ultracentrifugation gave essentially the same results. These data confirm the decrease of apoC-II as % of the protein in type IV VLDL and suggest that the decrease of the apoC-II/apoC-III ratio in type IV patients is related only to the decreased content of apoC-II. Whether the reduced apoC-II percentage amount or the decreased apoC-II/apoC-III ratio are related to the hypertriglyceridemia in type IV subjects is still unclear.

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  • Apo CII
  • Apo CIII
  • Isoelectrofocusing
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