L'importanza del trattamento sintomatico precoce dell'attacco di emicrania

Translated title of the contribution: The importance of early symptomatic treatment of the migraine attack

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"Act When Mild" is the name of the first large-scale, clinical-pharmacological study designed specifically to establish, in terms of efficacy and tolerability, the importance of early symptomatic treatment of migraine. In this double-blind, placebo-controlled study a 12.5 mg dose of almotriptan was used to treat around 400 subjects affected by migraine with and without aura. The patients were divided into two groups: those in one group took the drug when their headache was mild (within an hour of onset of the attack) and those in the second group when the pain intensity was moderate or severe. The results showed a significant benefit associated with early treatment of the attack, in terms of: number of subjects who were headache-free within 2 hours, duration of the migraine attack, recurrence of the headache within 24 hours, time lost on account of headache-related disability.

Original languageItalian
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JournalConfinia Cephalalgica
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Publication statusPublished - 2006


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