The MHC class II transactivator: Prey and hunter in infectious diseases

Roberto S. Accolla, Andrea De Lerma Barbaro, Stefania Mazza, Claudio Casoli, Andrea De Maria, Giovanna Tosi

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The MHC class II transcriptional activator (CIITA) is the major regulator of expression of MHC class II genes. Thus, CIITA plays a fundamental role in the regulation of the immune response. Here, we discuss our findings on the dual role of CIITA during infections, as the target (prey) for certain pathogens but the host effector (hunter) against other pathogens, including HIV-1. This dual role is placed in an evolutionary context as a rather peculiar example of a strategy used by pathogens to evade host defenses and a counteraction of the host to minimize the survival and spread of the pathogen.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)560-563
Number of pages4
JournalTrends in Immunology
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - Oct 1 2001

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  • Immunology
  • Immunology and Allergy

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