The milan cord blood bank: Practical issues

L. Lazzari, L. Lacchi, C. Corsini, M. Paposlattera

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The Mum cord blood (CB) tank w" iund on February 1993. By March 22. 199. 636 units have been bank) and available lor tranaplanlatlon. Pre-lerm delivery talon 35 weeks, congenial abnormaMM. family Malory a hherted diseases, risk factor and positive urology In the mothar rapraaant exclusion crlerta that do not allow collection and/or banking. CB Is collaclad by bank's panonnal and/or tralnad mktwitac who follow a training collactlon program. Unt sampl ara collaclad tor compMa Wood count. C034 anarys, culura of hamatopolatlc proganitors. mtcroblal and bacterial contamination, dasa I and II HLA typing and blood group datarmtiatlon. CB uni ara cryopreserved In 10% DMSO ai whole Mood within 24 h ot collaction. Samplas of CB calls and matamal sarum and calls ara alao storad for lutura analysis and HLA typing confirmation. Written Intormad consam Is obtalnad from the mothars at dalivary in ragard to collacling cord Mood, banking tha cord blood unN. using tha Mood for unrelatad transplantation, performing serotogy taats. balng avallabla lor a chack at 6 months and storing the data in Ina raglstry. From Fabruary 1996, whan mothars attand tha CB tank 6 months after delivery, aarology is rapaatad on matamal aarum to exclude viral saroconvarsion. Moraovar, the newbom's madlcal Malory and health status are collected through mother! Mentew and, II checks are uneventful, the uni exits quarantine and can be releaeed. By March 13, 1996. after phone calls to 217 mothers ot babies bom 6-12 months before, so mothers (23%) ware examined at tha CB tank, 69 (32%) promised to attend as soon as possblo and 98 (45%) ware not yet found. CB tank data are managed wtth a place of software developed in house with Microsoft visual Basic and Access. This software allows search of compatible units and storage of unit data and of patient's follow up. Before uni release, a segment is collected to perform cell viability (trypan blue, propidium Iodide), count of CD34+ cells and CFU-GM, detection of bacterial contamination and to confirm HLA class II typing. A study carried out on 110 consecutive tanked CB units showed the lollowlng results (median ft range): uni volume: 84 ml (50-208); total WBC: 0.88 x109/unrt (0.44-2.49); total lymphocytes: 307.5 x106/unl (169-1019); CD34 celle %: 0.27 (0.08-1.21); total CD34+ cells: 2.54 X 106/unl (0.7-14.6); total CFU-GM: 361 XICH/unlt (41-2597). Total CD34 cells correlated with total CFU-GM (r.0.79). total lymphocytes (r-0.66) and total WBC (r.0.66); total CFU-OM weakly correlated with total WBC |r.0.67); no correlation between CB volume and total number of CD34+ cells per unit was found (r0.2a).

Original languageEnglish
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JournalExperimental Hematology
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 1996

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