The NF-kB regulates the SHP-1 expression in monocytes in congestive heart failure

Mirko Pesce, Sara Franceschelli, Alessio Ferrone, Antonia Patruno, Alfredo Grilli, Maria Anna De Lutiis, Francesca R. Pluchinotta, Sonia Bergante, Guido Tettamanti, Graziano Riccioni, Mario Felaco, Lorenza Speranza

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It has been shown that functional recovery of patients with acute congestive heart failure (ACHF) after treatment with conventional drugs (CD) is mediated by suppression of inflammation in peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Here, we analyzed gene expression profiles of monocytes from symptomatic ACHF patients (NYHA Class III-IV) before and after pharmacological treatment with CD. The treatment was associated with selective down-regulation of "TNFR signaling" and pro-inflammatory mediators CCL5, MIP-1α receptor, CD14, ITGAM, and significant up-regulation of "TNFR signaling" as evidenced by increase in anti-inflammatory factors including NF-kBIA, TNFAIP3 and SHP-1. In monocyte TNF-alpha-stimulated there is a down-regulation of the phosphatase SHP-1 which induces a significant activation of TAK-1/IKK/NF-kB signaling. These findings suggest that the therapeutic impact of CD treatment in symptomatic ACHF includes negative regulation of the NF-kB signaling in monocytes and the improvement of the SHP-1 activity.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)757-771
Number of pages15
JournalFrontiers in bioscience (Landmark edition)
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2017

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