The real-world "ControL'Asma" study: a nationwide taskforce on asthma control in children and adolescents

“ControL’Asma” Study Group

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BACKGROUND: Asthma control is the goal of asthma management. A nationwide study on this aspect was launched by the Italian Society of Paediatric Allergy and Immunology (ControL'Asma study). OBJECTIVE: To define variables associated with different asthma control grades in a nationwide population of asthmatic children and adolescents. METHODS: This cross-sectional real-world study included 480 asthmatic children and adolescents (333 males, median age 11.2 years) consecutively enrolled in 10 third level pediatric allergy clinics. According to the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) document, history, medication use, perception of asthma symptoms assessed by visual analog scale (VAS), clinical examination, lung function, childhood asthma control test (cACT)/asthma control test (ACT), and asthma control level were evaluated. RESULTS: Considering GINA criteria, asthma was well controlled in 55% of patients, partly controlled in 32.4%, and uncontrolled in 12.6%. Regarding cACT/ACT, asthma was uncontrolled in 23.2%. Patients with uncontrolled asthma had the lowest lung function parameters and VAS scores, more frequent bronchial obstruction and reversibility, and used more oral and inhaled corticosteroids (CS). CONCLUSIONS: The ControL'Asma study, performed in a real-world setting, showed that asthma in Italian children and adolescents was usually more frequent in males. Asthmatic patients had an early onset and allergic phenotype with very frequent rhinitis comorbidity. Uncontrolled and partly controlled asthma affected about half of the subjects, and the assessment of asthma symptom perception by VAS could be a reliable tool in asthma management.

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JournalAllergologia et Immunopathologia
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  • adolescents
  • asthma
  • asthma control
  • children
  • lung function
  • respiratory symptoms
  • visual analog scale (VAS)

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