The role of apomorphine SL in the treatment of erectile dysfunction

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Epidemiological data indicate that erectile dysfunction (ED) affects over 140 million men worldwide, with the highest prevalence in men over 60 years. While the condition is often associated with coronary artery disease, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and diabetes, and may be a marker for these conditions, most men who present with ED for treatment have mild to moderate dysfunction. Treatment guidelines developed by an international, multidisciplinary panel of experts as a "process of care model for erectile dysfunction" recommend the implementation of oral agents as first-line therapy. Sublingual apomorphine SL is the first medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction with a central mechanism of action. In clinical studies, apomorphine SL provides clinical erectogenic benefits at 2 and 3 mg doses particularly in those patients with mild to moderate ED. Apomorphine SL has the added advantages of a rapid onset of action, resulting in erection in less than half the time required by sildenafil, and a highly favorable tolerability and safety profile, especially in patients with coronary artery disease receiving nitrates. Apomorphine SL is an important addition to the armamentarium of primary care clinicians and urologists treating male erectile dysfunction, due to enhanced erectile function, speed of onset, convenience of dosing, and favorable side effect profile. Apomorphine SL 2 and 3 mg is an effective first-line treatment option for men presenting with mild to moderate ED, who have a degree of residual erectile function that is inadequate for satisfactory sexual performance.

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  • Apomorphine SL
  • Erectile dysfunction
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