The role of weaning center for weaning

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In the last 10 years a new population defined as "survivors of catastrophic illness" often requiring prolonged "weaning procedures has consistently grown. These patients are named prolonged mechanical ventilation patients. These subjects stay often for long time in Intensive Care Units which are very precious and require expensive resources, Weaning time is strictly related to different diseases and different categories of patients: although the time spent for weaning attempts is high, often it is performed too late. For this reason weaning is a stressful time with high clinical and economical implications. Dedicated units named "weaning centres" seems cost effective to care this population. The outcome of prolonged mechanical ventilation patients is accettable. Specific studies on role of physiotherapy and weaning outcome is lacking. Main expectancies from weaning centers are to relieve intensive care unit beds, to maintain a high level of nursing assistance, to respond to sudden changes in patient's clinical condition, to allow enough time for a multidisciplinary rehabilitative approach, to take on the role of a bridge to home care programmes or other opportunities of continuous chronic assistance. International consensus and evidence-based guidelines on weaning facilities are urgently needed.

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