The singular case of multiple chorangioma syndrome in an IVF pregnancy. Analysis of the case and review of literature

Stefania Carlucci, Guglielmo Stabile, Felice Sorrentino, Luigi Nappi, Giovanni Botta, Guido Menato, Bianca Masturzo

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The redacted classification of placental lesions identifies in the group of fetal-stromal vascular lesions a subgroup called villous capillary lesions. The causes of villous capillary lesions appear to involve excessive angiogenesis. These conditions include chorangiosis, chorangiomatosis, chorangioma and a rare variant of the latter called multiple chorangioma syndrome where multiple chorangiomas, ranging from very small early precursor lesions to typical macroscopic chorangioma, occupy up to 80% of the total placental parenchyma. We present the first case of multiple chorangioma syndrome in an oncologic patient who obtained the pregnancy by egg donation, comparing the clinical case with ones available in literature. Fifteen cases have been previously published in literature but only 11 were eligible for the present review. We compared clinical characteristics and fetal outcomes with our clinical case, to highlight similarities and differences useful for a better understanding of this rare and partially unknown disease. Multiple chorangioma syndrome is a rare villous capillary lesion associated with poor fetal condition. All cases analyzed have been conceived naturally and our case is the first described in an IVF pregnancy. We believe that in our case the advanced maternal age, the method of conception and the previous chemo-therapeutic treatments might have played an important role in determining the manifestation of this rare placental condition. However, there is not appropriate literature supporting our consideration and, for future studies, it could be reasonable investigate the incidence of this condition, or even the incidence of all cluster of villous capillary lesions, in oncologic and IVF patients.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)120-123
Number of pages4
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2021


  • Chorangiomatosis
  • Hydrops
  • IVF pregnancy
  • Multiple chorangiomas
  • Villous capillary lesions

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