Therapy-resistant metastasizing Anaplastic spermatocytic seminoma: A cytogenetic hybrid

Gregor Mikuz, Georg W. Böhm, Matthias Behrend, Georg Schäfer, Maurizio Colecchia, Irmgard Verdorfer

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Background: Anaplastic spermatocytic seminoma is a rare variant of the conventional spermatocytic seminoma, with only 6 cases reported up to now. The anaplastic variant contains only the medium-sized cell type, hallmarked by large-sized nucleoli, whereas the small lymphocyte-like and giant cells typical of the conventional spermatocytic seminoma are lacking. Case: We report herein an unusual case of a 40-year-old man with an anaplastic spermatocytic seminoma which metastasized first to the retroperitoneal lymph nodes and, something never before reported, subsequently to the lung and other organs. The immunophenotype with c-kit and SALL4 positive and PLAP, as well OCT 3/4 negative tumor cells were identical to those of conventional spermatocytic seminoma. Cytogenetically the tumor cells showed a gain of chromosome 9, typical for spermatocytic seminoma, but simultaneously also the short arm 12p were overexpressed--an overexpression crucial to the aggressive behavior of seminomas and other nonseminomatous tumors but never before encountered in spermatocytic seminoma. Conclusion: The current opinion is that seminoma and nonseminomatous germ cell tumors develop from a common primitive progenitor cell, whereas spermatocytic seminomas develop from differentiated spermatogonia. The herein presented cytogenetic hybrid tumor shows that a crossover between the two different histogenetic "tracks" is possible.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)177-182
Number of pages6
JournalAnalytical and Quantitative Cytology and Histology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • Anaplastic spermatocytic seminoma
  • Cytogenetic hybrid
  • Cytogenetics
  • FISH
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization
  • Hybrid
  • Metastasis

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