Thoracoscopy and transplantation: A new attractive tool

Giancarlo Roviaro, Federico Varoli, Massimo Francese, Rocco Caminiti, Contardo Vergani, Marco Maciocco

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Background. Transplanted patients on immunosuppressive treatment have an increased risk of infections or neoplasms. Transplantation candidates with infection or a suspected malignancy are excluded from transplantation. In patients already transplanted, thoracoscopy can resolve complications or treat the pulmonary pathology without compromising the precarious existing reactive equilibrium. These patients require an approach that is as least traumatic as possible. Methods. From September 1991 to December 2000, of 2068 videothoracoscopic procedures carried out at our hospital, 2 were in patients who had undergone transplantation and 3 in candidates for kidney, liver, and bone marrow transplantation. Starting from our personal experience in videothoracoscopy as a diagnostic and therapeutic approach, the possibilities of the method in the field of transplantation are reported by a review of the literature carried out by consulting the reference systems of the most important data banks. Conclusions. In our experience, videothoracoscopy had a major impact on the management of candidates for transplant, because it allowed us to rule out or treat conditions that would have determined exclusion from a transplant program. In transplanted patients, videothoracoscopy allows a correct diagnosis and treatment with minimal trauma.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1013-1018
Number of pages6
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Apr 15 2002

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    Roviaro, G., Varoli, F., Francese, M., Caminiti, R., Vergani, C., & Maciocco, M. (2002). Thoracoscopy and transplantation: A new attractive tool. Transplantation, 73(7), 1013-1018.