Transcatheter treatment of chronic mitral regurgitation with the MitraClip system: An Italian consensus statement

Francesco Maisano, Francesco Alamanni, Ottavio Alfieri, Antonio Bartorelli, Francesco Bedogni, Francesco M. Bovenzi, Giuseppe Bruschi, Antonio Colombo, Alberto Cremonesi, Paolo Denti, Federica Ettori, Silvio Klugmann, Giovanni La Canna, Luigi Martinelli, Lorenzo Menicanti, Marco Metra, Fabrizio Oliva, Luigi Padeletti, Alessandro Parolari, Francesco SantiniMichele Senni, Corrado Tamburino, Gian P. Ussia, Francesco Romeo

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New percutaneous technologies are rapidly emerging for the treatment of structural heart disease including mitral valve disease. Preliminary data suggest a potential clinical benefit of percutaneous treatment of mitral regurgitation by the MitraClip procedure in selected patients. Until final data are available from randomized, controlled, multicenter clinical trials, there is an urgent need for a consensus among all the operators involved in the treatment of patients with mitral regurgitation, including clinical cardiologists, heart failure specialists, surgeons, interventional cardiologists, and imaging experts. In the absence of evidence-based guidelines, the heart-team approach is the most reliable method of making proper decisions. This study is the result of multidisciplinary consensus activity, and has the aim of helping physicians in the difficult task of making decisions for the treatment of patients with mitral regurgitation. It is the result of a joint effort of the major Italian Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Societies, working together to find a proper balance between the points of view of the clinical cardiologist, the interventional cardiologist, and the cardiac surgeon.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)173-188
Number of pages16
JournalJournal of Cardiovascular Medicine
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • MitraClip
  • percutaneous mitral repair
  • transcatheter

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