Transpupillary thermotherapy for subfoveal choroidal neovascularization associated with choroidal nevus

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To describe a patient with classic subfoveal choroidal neovascularization (CNV) associated with choroidal nevus, which was successfully treated using transpupillary thermotherapy. Interventional case report. A 53-year-old woman underwent ophthalmologic evaluation, including fluorescein and indocyanine green angiography. Clinical and angiographic data were prospectively analyzed to evaluate visual acuity changes and angiographic evolution. Three months after transpupillary thermotherapy, visual acuity had improved from 20/100 to 20/40. Fluorescein and indocyanine green angiograms showed absence of leakage from CNV. Final visual acuity was 20/32 after a 15-month follow-up. Transpupillary thermotherapy may be a viable option for subfoveal CNV associated with CN, although further studies are needed to establish the correct setting.

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JournalAmerican Journal of Ophthalmology
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2004


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