Treating work-injured patients in Europe. The Italian experience.

Sandro Giannini, Francesco Ceccarelli

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According with to International Labor Office, the European Union gave the directions to improve the life of workers not only by regulating care, but also safety and return to work. Each European country is conforming to this. In Italy, INAIL, an independent body under the control of the Department of Labor and the Ministry of Health, covers the workers for occupational accidents and is funded by an insurance premium, obligatory paid by the employer. INAIL has the medicolegal task of assessment of injuries, supply of prostheses, physical therapy, and various compensation according to the degree of disability and the type of work. The specific treatment of the injured workers is carried out by the SSN, which is in charge of the outpatient treatment and hospitalization; however, INAIL contributes to the costs according to agreements made with each region. Although on one hand the injured worker is fully protected by the regulations, on the other hand, he or she is obliged to abide to the laws of security and to undergo treatment offered. In returning to work, certain factors are taken into account, such as percentage of disability, type of work, and discomfort that disability produces in carrying out work. Should the type or severity of the disability not allow complete return to work, support is given to assess and integrate the reduced working ability of the injured worker with regards to the workplace, even by adapting the latter to solve structural and environmental problems. INAIL, in accordance with the European Council, is committed to the total care of the worker and not only worker meaning "work force." In fact, health care and economic aid are integrated with the safety and rehabilitation of the worker and his or her return to family, social, and working life.

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JournalFoot and Ankle Clinics
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Publication statusPublished - Jun 2002

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