Il trattamento dei microcarcinomi della tiroide. Esperienza clinica.

Translated title of the contribution: Treatment for microcarcinoma of the thyroid. Clinical experience

G. Conzo, M. G. Esposito, M. Di Marzo, G. Astarita, S. Celsi

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According to WHO, small papillary cancer represents a papillary carcinoma <or = 1 cm in greatest dimension. The autoptic incidence is more elevated showing a low aggressivity. In fact lower mortality and local relapse have been reported. The AA report their results of 17 pt operated on for benign thyroid pathology in last three years. The diagnosis has been "incidental cancer" with 7 mm of mean diameter. Surgical treatment consisted of 9 total thyroidectomy, 3 near total thyroidectomy, 3 subtotal thyroidectomy, 2 lobo-isthmusectomy, with completion on the fifteenth day. Radioiodine therapy was administered in the case of uptake > 3.5%. There were no significant complications. Only in parathyroidectomy for secondary hyperparathyroidism, we have definitive hypoparathyroidism. Age, capsular infiltration, multifocality and lymphonodal dissemination represent main prognostic factors. In the treatment of SPC we recommend a total thyroidectomy or a near total in association with iodine-131 radioiodine therapy.

Translated title of the contributionTreatment for microcarcinoma of the thyroid. Clinical experience
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)210-211
Number of pages2
Issue number4 Suppl
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2003

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