Urologic complications in Crohn's disease: Suspicion criteria

Cesare Ruffolo, Imerio Angriman, Marco Scarpa, Lino Polese, Duilio Pagano, Michela Barollo, Matteo Bertin, Davide Francesco D'Amico

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Background/Aims: Genitourinary complications occur in 4 to 35% of Crohn's disease patients. The aim of this study was to assess the threshold to suspect urologic involvement in Crohn's disease in order to plan the correct surgical management. Methodology: Medical records of 258 consecutive patients who have undergone bowel resection for Crohn's disease were reviewed. We evaluated recurrent urinary tract infections, fever, dysuria, pneumaturia, fecaluria, abdominal mass at palpation or lower back pain at percussion, abdominal ultrasound and computerized tomography scan reports. Univariate analysis and multivariate analysis were performed with Fisher exact and log-linear tests respectively. Results: Urologic complications were found in 11 patients (4.3%). Fistulizing disease, female gender and inflammatory mass were significantly increased in Crohn's disease patients with urinary tract involvement (p

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)357-360
Number of pages4
Issue number69
Publication statusPublished - May 2006


  • Crohn's disease
  • Inflammatory mass
  • Urologic complications

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  • Gastroenterology


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