Efficacia in riabilitazione psichiatrica dell'approccio "VADO": Uno studio controllato

Translated title of the contribution: VADO approach efficacy in psychiatric rehabilitation: A controlled study

Michela Vittorielli, Rosaria Pioli, Luisa Brambilla, Luigina Archiati, Giuseppe Rossi, Charlotte Sleijpen, Lorenza Magliano, Franco Veltro, Pierluigi Morosini, M. Parmeggiani, M. Danesi, E. Bertocchi, I. Marcassoli, P. Giacomelli, F. Sordi, M. Marchesini, L. Valzorio, R. Battaglia, E. Gritti, A. BosettiA. Cattalini, L. L. Basso, I. Gualtieri, S. Tardio, E. Muzzana, L. Bacher, A. Plank, L. Inglese, P. Daini, M. Fratucello, C. De Michiel, G. Borzaga, C. Piccoli, E. Jori, M. Melli, P. Palvarini, M. Grossi, A. Anselmi, C. Pedron, E. Altemani, A. Vicari, P. Carpeggiani, A. Aletti, G. Marenzi, M. Fiameni, C. Meneghini, F. Biondino, A. Nanni, P. Keitmaier, M. M. Scirea, K. Tiziani, V. Marzolini, E. Visani, C. La Marra, S. D'Agostino

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Aims - Assessment of the efficacy of the rehabilitation approach that is recommended by the manual VADO (AAOS in English: Abilities Assessment and Objectives Setting) in schizophrenic syndromes. Methods - Controlled trial, partly with individual randomisation. Centres were invited to recruit 10 patients who in most centres were randomly allocated either to the VADO approach or to usual rehabilitation practice. At least two professionals for each centre attended a brief intensive training course. Patients were assessed at baseline and six months later with a) the FPS scale, which is an improvement on the DSM-IV SOFAS; b) the BPRS 4.0; c) AR, a clinical tool that is contained in VADO. Results - 55 patients received the experimental interventions and 40 the control one. Six months later greater significant improvements were observed in the experimental group, both in social functioning and in psychopathology. Conclusions - The dissemination of structured rehabilitation approaches that are based on personalized definition of objective, intensive progress monitoring, patient's therapeutic education and validated strategies and do not imply additional costs, may be warranted. A longer follow-up is under way.

Translated title of the contributionVADO approach efficacy in psychiatric rehabilitation: A controlled study
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)43-52
Number of pages10
JournalEpidemiologia e Psichiatria Sociale
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2003

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