Validation of the Italian version of the Spinal Cord Independence Measure (SCIM III) Self-Report

J. Bonavita, M. Torre, S. China, F. Bressi, E. Bonatti, R. Capirossi, S. Tiberti, S. Olivi, G. Musumeci, E. Maietti, C. Fekete, I. Baroncini, M. W G Brinkhof, M. Molinari, G. Scivoletto

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Study Design:Cross-sectional validation study.Objectives:To validate the Italian version of the Spinal Cord Independence Measure Self-Report (SCIM SR).Setting:Two spinal cord injury (SCI) rehabilitation facilities in Italy.Methods:The SCIM III comprises items on 19 daily tasks, grouped into three subscales: ‘Self-care,’ ‘Respiration and sphincter management’ and ‘Mobility’. The total SCIM score ranges between 0 and 100. The Italian self-reported version (SCIM SR) was translated from the German tool. We studied 116 patients on their first hospitalization for rehabilitation after an SCI. At the time of discharge, patients were evaluated by the rehabilitation team using the SCIM III and self-assessed their independence with regard to activities of daily living using the SCIM SR. Pearson's correlation, Bland-Altman method, and stratified and regression analyses were used to examine the differences between evaluations.Results:On the basis of Pearson's correlation, there was good agreement between the data from the SCIM III and SCIM SR (r=0.918 for ‘Self-care,’ 0.806 for ‘Respiration and sphincter management,’ 0.906 for ‘Mobility’ and 0.934 for total scores). By Bland-Altman analysis, patients rated their functioning nearly the same as professionals—the mean difference between SCIM III and SCIM SR scores was approximately 0 for all subscales and total scores. The stratified and regression analyses failed to identify any specific factor that was associated with differences between SCIM III and SCIM SR scores.Conclusions:These results support the validity of the Italian version of the SCIM SR, which can facilitate longer-term evaluations of the independence of individuals with SCIs.Spinal Cord advance online publication, 20 October 2015; doi:10.1038/sc.2015.187.

Original languageEnglish
JournalSpinal Cord
Publication statusAccepted/In press - Oct 20 2015

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