Verbal and nonverbal aspects of semantic disintegration in aphasia

G. Gainotti

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Following a review of the explantions offered in the literature on the nature of aphasic disintegration, the author suggests that a nuclear impairment at the semantic level of language integration may exist in any forms of aphasia. This hypothesis is supported by personal observations on verbal and nonverbal aspects of semantic impairment in aphasia. The incidence of semantic disruption is very high both at the level of verbal production and comprehension and on a nonverbal study of the 'semantic field'. No relationship was found between the incidence of semantic impairment and the 'fluent' or 'nonfluent' clinical form of aphasia. A definite relationship exists between production of semantic paraphasias at the expressive level and number of semantic errors obtained on a verbal comprehension task, and between verbal semantic disorders and pathological performances on a nonverbal task of 'semantic relationships'.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAphasia Apraxia Agnosia
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Publication statusPublished - 1979

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