Vertebral Fractures Associated with Spinal Sagittal Imbalance and Quality of Life in Acromegaly: A Radiographic Study with EOS 2D/3D Technology

Miriam Cellini, Emilia Biamonte, Massimiliano Mazza, Nicoletta Trenti, Pasquala Ragucci, Davide Milani, Emanuele Ferrante, Zefferino Rossini, Elisabetta Lavezzi, Elisa Sala, Giovanna Mantovani, Maura Arosio, Maurizio Fornari, Luca Balzarini, Andrea G. Lania, Gherardo Mazziotti

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Introduction: Acromegaly is commonly complicated by arthropathy and skeletal fragility with high risk of vertebral fractures (VFs). Objective: This study aimed to assess whether VFs may be associated with sagittal spine deformities, arthropathy, impaired quality of life (QoL), pain, and disability. Methods: Thirty-eight patients with acromegaly (median age: 55 years, 20 males) and 38 matched control subjects were evaluated by a low-dose sagittal and coronal planes, X-ray imaging system (EOS®-2D/3D) for morphometric VFs, radiological signs of spine arthropathy, and spine deformities (Cobb thoracic index ≥40°, pelvic incidence minus lumbar lordosis ≥10°, pelvic tilt >20°, and sagittal vertical axis ≥4 cm) determining sagittal spine imbalance. Acromegalic patients were also evaluated by questionnaires for QoL (Acromegaly QoL Questionnaire [AcroQoL] and Short Form-36 [SF-36]) and pain and disability (Western Ontario and McMaster University [WOMAC]). Results: Acromegalic patients showed higher prevalence of thoracic hyperkyphosis (i.e., Cobb thoracic index ≥40°; p = 0.04) and pelvic tilt >20° (p = 0.02) than control subjects. VFs were found in 34.2% of acromegalic patients (p = 0.003 vs. control subjects), in relationship with higher prevalence of hyperkyphosis (p = 0.03), pelvic tilt >20° (p = 0.04), sagittal vertical axis ≥4 cm (p = 0.03), and moderate/severe subchondral degeneration (p = 0.01). Moreover, patients with VFs had lower AcroQoL general health (p = 0.007) and SF-36 general health (p = 0.002) scores and higher WOMAC pain (p = 0.003) and global (p = 0.009) scores than patients who did not fracture. Conclusions: In acromegaly, VFs may be associated with spine deformities and sagittal imbalance, spine arthropathy, impaired QoL, and disability.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)775-785
Number of pages11
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - Jul 1 2021


  • Acromegaly
  • Fractures
  • Kyphosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Spine imbalance

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