Virtual navigator 3D panoramic for breast examination

Leonardo Forzoni, Stefano De Beni, Sara D'Onofrio, Maria M arcella Laganà, Jacopo Nori

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Breast examination both for screening and second level of investigation has spread worldwide, due to increased breast cancer awareness. Thus, different diagnostic imaging technologies emerged in breast application. Ultrasound (US), a real-time examination, non-invasive, cost effective, ideal also for repetitive follow-up and able to give information about anatomy, hemodynamics and tissue stiffness, plays an important role in breast diagnostics. The present work describes the innovative three-dimensional (3D) Panoramic (Pan) tool of Virtual Navigator technology for real-time fusion imaging of breast 3D US volumes with bi-dimensional US scans. A Motion Control Sensor enables the correction of the examined subject's movements. Data about fusion precision and system performances will be presented regarding tests in vitro, in ex-vivo and in vivo.

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