Virtual navigator automatic registration technology in abdominal application

G. Mauri, S. De Beni, L. Forzoni, S. D'Onofrio, V. Kolev, M. M. Laganà, L. Solbiati

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Real-time Ultrasound (US) image fusion with a pre-acquired second imaging dataset - Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and/or CT/PET - has become widely used in recent years for both diagnosis and image-guided interventional procedures. Liver and kidneys are the main focused anatomical districts, related to abdominal application. There are still nowadays some drawbacks, regarding the adoption of the fusion imaging technique in everyday practice especially regarding its ease of use and the time needed in order to obtain a precise real-time fusion between US and the second imaging modality. The present work is a preliminary study on the feasibility and practical use of an Automatic registration algorithm for CT-US real-time fusion imaging. Data obtained by tests performed on a Doppler phantom, for the assessment of the precision of the registration procedure and in-vivo Automatic registration tests, are presented.

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