Wearing-off detection in clinical practice: The wearing off real practice key (WORK-PD) study in Parkinson's disease

M. C. Altavista, E. Cassetta, L. Brusa, F. Viselli, A. Denaro, M. Ventriglia, P. Pasqualetti, A. Peppe

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Objective: Verifying the validity and feasibility of the WOQ-19 as a useful tool in routine clinical practice and in management of patients. Methods: 532 consecutive Parkinson's disease (PD) patients were recruited from 6 different neurological outpatient units, specialized in movement disorders, of central Italy. Inclusion criteria were diagnosis of PD and any current pharmacological treatment of PD while exclusion criteria were evident cognitive or depressive impairment, infusion with dopamine agonists or Duodopa, or Deep Brain Stimulation therapy. Patients were asked to complete the Italian version of WOQ-19 before the neurological visit. A medical form for the collection of demographic and clinical data of patients and for the evaluation of comprehensibility and usability the WOQ-19 was filled by the neurologist during the visit. Results: Our data confirmed that WOQ-19 was able to identify WO in 69% of patients, a percentage similar to the recently reported in the Italian WOQ-19 validation study. Motor symptoms were more frequent than non-motor symptoms (80% vs. 20%). Patients who experienced WO had a higher age of PD onset, more severe disease, longer disease duration and were more likely to be female. Conclusions: The WOQ-19 was understandable for the patient, easily administered and suitable for routine outpatient use. It could be also particularly useful in clinical practice in the early identification of non-motor symptoms, often under reported by patients and revealed only with clinical support.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)95-100
Number of pages6
JournalParkinsonism and Related Disorders
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 1 2015


  • Parkinson's disease
  • Wearing-off
  • WOQ-19 questionnaire

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