What pharmacist needs to know about pharmacogenomics?

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Pharmacogenomics is an excellent example of continuing education way it is so important to pharmacist and other health professionals. As a promise in the future a disease could be ranked into genetic categories, allowing bespoke tailoring of medicine to maximize therapeutic effects and reduce the potential of an adverse drug response. In order to prepare academic pharmacy to respond to the impact of the emerging knowledge of genetics and genomics on the future roles of pharmacists, we discuss what pharmacist really needs to know about Pharmacogenomics. Briefly, here we describe: i) current known genetic variation that interact with therapies and needs to detect them; ii) how pharmacogenomics could change the practice of pharmacy; and iii) develop a series of "hot-topics" on basic competencies for pharmacist in terms of knowledge and skills. However, these features could be useful recommendations for the faculty to guide academic institutions and educational programs so they may prepare health professionals with the necessary abilities for their future practice.

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JournalInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research
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